Way Too Busy

For an Old Dude

One of the drawbacks of doing a blog on a regular basis is the feeling of guilt you get when you realize that the deadline for the next blog is only a day away, and you haven’t even started on it yet.

Such is the remorse I am experiencing at this very moment, as I arrive at the conclusion that I will never get it done on time.

Normally, I do not let anything stop me from fulfilling my obligation as a blogger.

I have refused lunch dates, parties, trips and pizza just so I would be able to work on an upcoming blog.

Unfortunately, this week a number of activities have arrived that I just cannot pass up.

Two of them are “Must Do’s”, and one was a “Want to do.”

The two must do’s involved appointments I have with medical professionals.

The first is a visit to the optometrist.

Over the past 10 years, my vision has deteriorated to an extent that I now need three different glasses just to complete my daily chores.

I have a separate pair for reading printed stuff.

Another pair for watching TV, despite the fact that I have a 40” high-def screen and sit only ten feet away.

And my third, and the most important pair is the one I use when working on the laptop.

Computers, whether desktops or laptops are not like reading books or magazines.

The way you sit in front of the screen and the distance and angle you are from it have to be very specific.

It took me a while before I was able to get a prescription for lenses that were just perfect for the way I sit in front of the screen.

Unfortunately, because I am and old man and have a tendency to drop at least 50% of anything I have in my hands, I dropped that precious pair of glasses on the hard, concrete driveway in front of the Asylum.

And, while the shatterproof lenses did not break, they were scratched so badly that I cannot see out of them.

Also unfortunate, is that because of my mobility problems and me being tied down to the Medicare/Medicaid health system, I have to wait for the itinerant optometrist to make his thrice-yearly visit to our facility. And, today is that day.

Hopefully, they will be able to copy exactly, the prescription from my old lenses so that I will be able to sit in front of my laptop without squinting.

The other medical visit involves a trip outside of the facility to a local center where I will be receiving a test to tell whether or not I will be a good candidate for a hearing aid.

I have been totally deaf in one ear for almost eight years ever since a medical oversight had me taking two medications whose properties conflicted with one another and caused nerve damage in one ear.

And, while I can hear okay with one ear, I cannot always distinguish from which direction a sound is coming from.

This is not only annoying but dangerous, especially when crossing streets and not knowing where the traffic is coming from.

Also, I would like to be ab;e to hear music in stereo again.

Right now, everything I hear, I hear in old-fashioned mono.

The third “To Do”, deals with something personal.

One of my great joys is taking photos.

And, I am pretty good at it.

I had planned to spend most of my retirement exploring the country and photographing everything I found interesting.

Unfortunately, my best-laid plans had to give way to unforeseen events putting an end to my photographic safari forever.

Fortunately, many of my photos had been preserved on various online websites.

So, when a chance arose to me to be able to exhibit some of my pics in our local art show, I could not resist.

Therefore, the last couple of days has been spent sorting through over 1700 photos and boiling them down to only eight.

Printing and framing them took up the rest of the time I would normally have spent assembling this blog.

Therefore, I ask that you take pity on an old man, and forgive his limitations.

At one time I would have stayed up all night to complete and assignment.

But age and my inability to keep my eyes open much past 8 pm preclude any all-nighters.

I will try to get my s**t together and give you a proper blog on Sunday.

* * *

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